Thursday, September 30, 2010

The good witch

My latest creation for the halloween season...i know i've said it before but i must say it again...halloween and fall are my mosy favorite time of year...and i am so enjoying the fall colors and cooler temps...such a change from the dog days of summer...things are kinda quiet on the home front...having recovered nicely but rather slowly from my third arm surgery i am but finally getting back into a more active routine of morning coffee and art sessions well before the first light of the day has even peaked over the horizen...strange how that is because in years past i was quite the night owl,,,never going to bed before two am...alas all that has changed with the approach of fourty looming in my near future and i find myself with behavior typical of my drinking, early bedtimes, routines, schedules and all the things people do when finally facing the facts of adulthood and no longer given to party life ways...gone are the beer drinking nights and loud music and in  its place a simpler yet joyful peace of mind that my morning coffee is just strong always my art also is a main focus and i hope to take it to a new level with a few on line artdoll class's and a painting course here in town...always looking to improve and to add fresh and exciting skills to the art table...

Ok,,,these pictures will not upload right..hmmm...why is this? well any way...i've moved on to christmas and here are a few ornaments i've been working on...not my typical style...i'm more of a doll artist and or acrylic painter...but these ideas were stirring in my head and i just wanted to see what i might could do with my ever growing supply of colored polymer why i continue to buy colored clay is beyond me because i rarely use it in my artdolls but i am lured in by the lovely colors calling to me from the craft store shelves...i love love love color of any kind wether it be clay, paint, fabric, or even just crayons,,,i am won over by the magic of color...and i wouldn't have it any other way....well hopeevery one in blogger land is also enjoying the magic of the fall season...until next time...hugs...christen


  1. Ohhh! I love your Christmas ornaments!
    I used to get my adult kids together and we'd all paint them.
    So much fun!
    That was years ago and they all live out of state now, but I enjoy looking at them hanging from the tree!!
    (The ornaments, not the kids.)
    I love your Halloween piece! Wow! Such talent!



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