Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is coming....

Hello is upon us, its that happy time of year full of wonderful, sights and sounds, colors, and i have been usual...this year my goal was to make a christmas tree with all polymer clay ornaments, except of course the lights and tinsel, and my star on this was no easy task, as this is a six foot tree which means tons of ornaments, of which i wanted each one to be slightly different but simular in first i decided on themes which turned out to be multi colored two and a half inch balls covered in chopped canes, snow flakes, and flat but layered ornaments with snowmen, christmas trees and first count i was up to eighty, then i got to thinking of some goth ornaments i had made back in october which although also had a halloweeny theme, were kinda cute so i added those as well, being halloween and christmas are my two favorite you say...why of would be no fun without the pictures....soooooo....first i'll show you the tree finished with several angles, then i'll add the collages of the individual pictures of each ornament before being hung...and last but not least the wreath made with the remainder of my polymer clay ornaments...

Now, i'll show you the wreath and two new paintings...did i mention i have waaaay to much energy for just one not...blogger won't let me post any more pictures on this one..why i do not know...but i've waited twenty minutes for the next eight pictures to luck....oh well, what i'll do is wait till tomorrow, since actually we have all month to share christmas artworks, ornaments and such, and that way we can visit again,,,thank you for your pacience...hope every one is having a happy, safe and blessed back to the studio...hugs...christen


  1. Christen ... your tree is absolutely fabulous with all your handmade clay decorations. That is a major undertaking and you have done an awesome job with it!

  2. thank you was quite a job but i had such fun, now to decide what to create next...i'm thinking of the wonderful polymer clay bowl you made...but i don't know how to make one *sigh* THOSE WERE SO COOL...hugs...christen



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