Friday, December 17, 2010

creative spaces

I really love looking at other artists creative spaces...and with that in mind thought i'd share this is a rather small studio, actually its the corner of a very large bedroom "made" into a creative space...i also have a music area where i tinker on the paino, not very good at it but i do enjoy practicing, so thats my second creative space, and although i have no pictures of it, i do have a sewing room cramped into the guest bedroom thats rarely used...the sewing machine in there is an antique, and yes it works, but i prefer my singer table top model, and so when needed set up an extra card table of which i have two... works perfectly for small spaces as these can be taken down when not in use making room for other day soon i'll put up pictures of the piano area, and my other love antiques...i have slowly collected some beautiful things, this was after losing my home to a fir eleven years ago, back then i thought i'd never have any thing again...but i must say i have so very much to be thankful for this holiday season, a wonderful husband, a small yet cozy home, and three auper awesome critters whom i love dearly...Merry Christmas every one...

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  1. Christen ... your creative space looks like a very busy place! And,it looks like you make good use of it too. I love the lamp that is being usedas a multi-functional 'tool' ... Something to hang things from, something to give light and something to decorate, lol! Your room looks like a REAL workspace and one where one can have lots of fun too! Thanks for sharing!
    hugs, luny



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